Empowering preparation for future climate conditions

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Prepare for changing conditions

Variations and increasing volatility in climate impact how businesses plan for and manage future risk exposure. The ClimateDesk℠ web application, data services and information reports transforms disparate and complex climate data into easily understood, actionable insights to be ready for future conditions.

Climate intelligence for business decisions

Quantify risk exposure

Use actionable and accurate climate information to understand the physical risk to business assets. 

Plan asset development

Understand the likelihood of future conditions and develop an asset development plan for various climate scenarios.  

Prepare energy mix

Project future changes in energy production from renewables to determine the appropriate mix for a consistent, uninterrupted energy supply.

Gain a market edge

Leverage summarized reports to prepare for market long-view trading conditions for the next 4, 12, 18 months and beyond.

Extending forecasts

ClimateDesk’s high-resolution data enables asset- and portfolio-level precision risk planning at a global scale using the best available climate models.

Unified and reliable

The ClimateDesk℠ platform brings together climate data from many authoritative modeling centers and blends them from present day to the year 2100 on a daily basis.

Web application

Inform critical decisions with an intuitive web interface, powered by flexible and customizable geospatial analytics and visualizations. 

Data services

Obtain answers quickly with daily climate forecast updates and long-term climatology, along with advanced insights for agriculture, energy and finance.  

Information reports

Quickly gather actionable intelligence provided by a team of Maxar climate experts and meteorologists. 


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