RF Solutions

We offer accurate and comprehensive information about RF spectrum use and wireless activity across the globe

From ground, air, and space, we capture the data you need.

Combining ground, aircraft and satellite-based sensors, we accurately measure radio frequency spectrum and wireless networks across the world to unlock hidden insights using patented systems and methods. Our automated approach to comprehensive data collection supports interests across industry and public sector organizations by collecting data across all frequencies.

The world relies on the RF spectrum and its uses, from enabling economies through wireless connectivity, mobile networks, and satellite communications, to providing critical safety and security measures from both civil and defense organizations. But industry and governments lack access to accurate and actionable information. To fill this gap, we measure the global radio frequency environment and provide the most advanced insights available on spectrum use and wireless networks. Our data empowers wireless-centric organizations, regulators, investors, and defense and intelligence organization to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions that meet the current and future challenges of global RF use.

What we do

Measure the RF environment

  • High-performance yet simple to operate RF sensor technology
  • Multi-resolution measurements of the spectrum – land, air and space
  • Measuring a wide range of frequencies, regardless of use or signal type

Apply advanced algorithms and machine learning

  • Data archive of trillions of measurements of the RF spectrum 
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms produce insights and answers

Provide actionable insights and solutions

  • Our data on spectrum and wireless networks helps organizations analyze, predict, innovate, and answer questions about wireless activity and RF use globally
  • We serve both enterprise and public sector customers across the wireless ecosystem

We provide actionable answers.

The radio frequency spectrum landscape is ever-changing. Get up-to-date reports, and accurate spectrum and network topology maps that are tailored to meet specific business needs. From assessing your capabilities, to benchmarking competitor activity, or identifying opportunities — our diverse solutions can solve a number of your toughest problems.

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