BaseVue LULC

A global view of the current landscape

Build your foundation

BaseVue LULC is generated by leveraging Maxar’s mid-resolution land use/land cover classification workflow, based on rigorous remote sensing science and decades of testing and development.

Understand the story on the ground

Whether managing natural resources, monitoring the impacts of environmental policies or responding to environmental disasters, BaseVue provides accurate, foundational LULC data at scale.

  • Global coverage at an affordable price
  • Vintage 2016
  • 14-class global LULC dataset
  • Cloud-free
  • Multitemporal, semi-automated supervised classifier
  • Updatable and scalable

Optimize accuracy at scale

The cloud-free product is derived from a set of about 9,200 globally orthorectified and geodetically accurate Landsat images at 30 meter ground sampling distance.

Integrate with classification systems

BaseVue LULC’s 14-class dataset is compatible with higher-level classification systems, to help you better understand land use dynamics in your area of interest.

Monitor and plan

Identification, classification and mapping of land use and land cover establish an important baseline resource for monitoring, management and planning activities, at local, regional, national and global scales.


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Get a closer look at ground conditions with the most accurate, consistent global land classification tool.

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