Maxar 300™ series

Scalable innovation with proven reliability

More and more companies are using space to answer questions on Earth

As access to space becomes more affordable and mission requirements change, our customers want smaller, nimbler satellite solutions that meet their unique needs.

Maxar Space System’s 300 series spacecraft include multiple satellites, launched and operated together, with spacecraft starting at 150 kg. Our 300 series can be produced more efficiently so our customers can implement their space solutions to meet today’s needs.

Global coverage and low latency

Maxar Space Systems' 300 series spacecraft are a reliable and cost-effective solution for various missions, including Earth observation, communications and national security that require global coverage. The architecture is optimized for volume manufacturing and designed to be flexible and tailorable for unique customer requirements. Our approach drives a common bill of materials and bill of process that maximize design reuse, manufacturing commonality and supply chain efficiencies.

Rendering of Maxar 300™ series satellite above Earth

Key Platform Features Include:

  • Flexible, scalable electrical and data interfaces to accommodate various payloads 

  • Configurable telemetry, tracking and command, as well as mission data architectures 

  • Supports intersatellite links (optical and radio frequency) 

  • Mission-tailored structure, solar array, battery 

  • Chemical or electric propulsion 

Designed for Volume

Maxar Space Systems operates a high-volume, fully integrated spacecraft production factory to support efficient and reliable spacecraft manufacturing, bringing customers to orbit on an accelerated timeline and allowing for a faster return on investment.

Multimission Capable

  • Commercial and national security space communications 

  • Earth observation 

  • Space Domain Awareness 

  • Synthetic aperture radar 

  • Robotics 

  • Internet of Things 

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