Corporate Social Responsibility

Maxar takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously and has a long history of supporting the health and sustainability of local communities and society at large. In addition to outreach and volunteerism efforts, Maxar's is committed to building a better world through the Maxar Better World Foundation, News Bureau, Open Data Program and Purpose Partners Program.

Maxar's Philanthropic Programs

Areas of Impact

Maxar Better World Foundation

The Maxar Better World Foundation supports organizations that improve the lives of individuals, embrace their diversity and provide them with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive. Since its launch in 2020, the Foundation has focused on advancing STEM education for underserved and diverse populations, helping veterans and active-duty military and their families, and supporting global disaster preparedness and relief.   

Maxar News Bureau

Maxar’s electro-optical and radar satellite imagery, analytics and expertise are powerful complements to good journalism. Our News Bureau partners with reporters, photo editors and producers at trusted and respected media organizations to provide indisputable truth at a time when credibility is critical. Our imagery has been used in numerous articles that have subsequently won prestigious journalism awards. 

Open Data Program

Through accurate data and analytics, we regularly support frontline organizations in times of disaster. Maxar’s Open Data Program provides imagery and related data to aid humanitarian crises, with a focus on natural and man-made disasters. Our goal is to assist response efforts with timely, actionable information and to build a community around satellite imagery and Earth intelligence for disaster management.  

Purpose Partners Program

Maxar’s Purpose Partners Program empowers nonprofit organizations that uniquely benefit from the company’s geospatial data and analytics and team member expertise. We have formed long-term relationships with five Purpose Partners that align closely with our values. Purpose Partners receive our geospatial data and expertise to accelerate the progress of their missions. 

Additional Information

Open Data Program

Maxar is committed to supporting the humanitarian community by providing critical and actionable information to assist response efforts. 

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Maxar News Bureau

The News Bureau is a partnership program with respected media organizations that leverage technology for social good and global transparency. 

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Our Purpose

Maxar contributes geospatial data and expertise to nonprofits we select that significantly benefit from using our data to achieve their missions.

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