Analytic Reports

Comprehensive insight and analysis on topics that matter to you

Scalable expertise

Maxar in-depth, unclassified analytic reports contextualize diverse environments and deliver unique insight on complex challenges. We use proprietary and open source information, cutting-edge tools and our advanced analytical acumen to create comprehensive reports tailored to your needs.

In-depth reports

Each product delivers unique insight by harnessing the collective power of proprietary and open source information, including:

  • High-resolution satellite imagery
  • Remote sensing
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Human Landscape data and enrichment
  • Geospatial statistical modeling
  • On-the-ground polling and academic research

Fast forward your decision-making process

Expert analysis

Your high-quality analysis is prepared by a team of professional, certified geospatial experts.

Agile and responsive

Rapid mobilization and notification allow you to receive the earliest possible insight into business, military, environment, and political change.

Cutting-edge tools and technology

We leverage industry-leading satellite imagery, robust human geography datasets, innovative geospatial tools and advanced statistical modeling.

Advanced analytical acumen

Our experienced analysts and developers span backgrounds in defense intelligence, geopolitics, sociology, anthropology and environmental science.

Example tools and applications

Wildfires and disaster response

Analyze the effects of climate change and severe weather on fire risk.

On-the-ground polling

Analyze population vulnerabilities and perceptions.

Border crossing

Analyze mobility through feature identification and change detection.


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