Maxar 500™ series:

LEO missions enabled by WorldView Legion technology

High-performance technology for government and commercial customers

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Accuracy, Agility, Stability

Using technology developments from WorldView Legion™, Maxar provides high-performance satellites for the most challenging missions. Optimizing modularity, key features such as agility, stability and pointing accuracy, as well as tailored solutions for thermal and structural interfaces, we utilize Maxar’s cutting-edge engineering and architecture, customized to your needs.

Bringing WorldView Legion™ capabilities to our customers

WorldView Legion™ will enable unprecedented visibility into our changing planet, to solve the biggest challenges facing our world today. Our constellation will redefine what’s possible by enabling significantly more accurate, comprehensive, and timely pattern-of-life and human geography analysis.

Maxar 500™ series, based on WorldView Legion™ enables:

  • High agility
  • High stability
  • High pointing accuracy

Enabling complex missions

  • National security missions
  • High precision Earth science
  • High precision Space science
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