On-Demand Intelligence

Technology, data and expertise to solve the most complex geospatial challenges


SecureWatch® is the premier cloud-based subscription service for secure and timely access to Earth Intelligence, simplifying your ability to map, monitor and detect change for any location on the globe at a moment’s notice

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Crow's Nest™

Detect and verify maritime security, anywhere in the world

Quickly identify maritime traffic and monitor activity within your area of interest with Maxar’s Crow’s Nest™ Maritime Monitoring and Security (MMS) capabilities.

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Mitigate emerging risks

When weather conditions threaten operations or change the marketplace, WeatherDesk℠ offers immediate risk assessment to inform decisions and minimize uncertainty. Elevate business planning with historical, observed and forecast information plus web applications and data services

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Analytic Reports

Get the best information

Maxar in-depth, unclassified analytic reports contextualize diverse environments and deliver unique insight on complex challenges. We use proprietary and open source information, cutting-edge tools and our advanced analytical acumen to create comprehensive reports tailored to your needs.

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Unlock the power of the crowd

Our Geospatial Human Imagery Verification Effort (GeoHIVE®) lets analysts and developers interact with a vetted crowd of online users to validate, discover or annotate features of interest in satellite imagery. GeoHIVE® provides fast situational awareness and reduces time to action.

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Professional services

Expertise to gain decision advantage

Maxar multisource data collection, enrichment and analysis provide the critical Earth intelligence your missions demand. With an unmatched combination of geospatial expertise, global scale and commercial applicability, we use disruptive technologies and proprietary tools to solve critical problems.

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Spatial on Demand®

The world’s largest professional-grade energy geospatial solution. Enable quick and easy access across your enterprise to search, sort, select, share, and store geospatial data sets directly in the workflows you already use.

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Tools to meet your unique business needs

Whether you’re taking a hands-on or hands-off approach, the experts at Maxar can help you make crucial decisions with confidence.

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