Radar Imagery

Detect change day or night and in all weather

Reliable change detection

Civil, commercial and defense organizations around the world rely on radar imagery to stay apprised of their areas of interest, regardless of light or weather conditions. Because radar imagery can penetrate through clouds and darkness, it is uniquely suited to provide reliable and continuous monitoring.

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Visibility for near real-time insight

Complement your optical strategy

See through clouds and darkness

Radar delivers the most reliable satellite imagery acquisition regardless of weather or season.

Consistent change detection

Rely on radar for continuous collection when optical sources cannot.

Detect changes the eye can’t see

Radar enables you to detect millimeter changes in ground cover or surface elevation over time, which are otherwise invisible in optical data.

Unique sensitivity to surface conditions

Different radar polarizations reflect materials differently, such as oil on water and metallic objects—incredibly valuable for maritime applications.


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