SAR Imagery

Faster, More Actionable Insights Day or Night and In All Weather Conditions 

Reliable change detection

Through a strategic constellation access agreement with Umbra, Maxar has dedicated capacity from satellites in Umbra’s synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery constellation, enabling Maxar to directly integrate those images into Maxar’s portfolio of Earth Intelligence products. This combined offering represents the most advanced multisource geospatial intelligence solution for a wide range of defense, intelligence and commercial applications.

Through this offering, you can make critical decisions based on real-time insights from the highest resolution electro-optical and SAR data in the industry. You'll have access to ultra-high resolution SAR satellite imagery from Umbra, licensed down to 25 cm. Maxar will also leverage decades of SAR processing expertise and its 3D datasets to enhance processing of the SAR imagery, delivering even more actionable insights.

Visibility for near real-time insight

Complement your optical strategy

Highest Commercially Available SAR Resolution

Take clear images through clouds, smoke and at night with limited or no interference. Well suited for high-value point target monitoring.

Persistent Monitoring

See change in near real-time through coherent change detection.

Wider Field of View

More access opportunities within a single satellite pass.


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